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Bodyform tells “The Truth”

Last week I attended an event by PRmoments.com where Graham @Goodkind discussed how a good PR story (as shown by a strong public reaction) is reliant on a combination of insight and trigger. One such example of a winning PR … Continue reading

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Did someone say viral? #SkittlesTouch: Cat

Now that we’re all used to the idea of static YouTube virals, innovative brands like Tipp-Ex and Skittles have recently tried tactics a little different from the norm, involving viewers in the on-screen video action to increase consumer engagement. Skittles … Continue reading

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Viral Spoofs – Old Spice, The Sun and Sesame Street

We all know that virals create publicity for brands, but it is increasingly apparent that spoofs of virals also generate (or effectively steal) high levels of traffic from the original. As a result, it is no surprise that a number of … Continue reading

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