Pimm’s O’ Clock!

To mark the start of British Summer Time, Pimm’s – a much-loved summer refreshment, made the world’s largest deckchair, which took centre-stage on Bournemouth beach!

To pull off this clever stunt, Pimm’s commisioned award-winning sculptor Stuart Murdoch. Once complete, the chair stood taller than a double-decker bus and weighed more than an adult elephant, making it the world’s largest deckchair.

After a dreary start to 2012, this cheerful picture, plus the promise of summer to come, was exactly what the public wanted, and certainly brought Pimm’s front-of-mind.

Interestingly, although some PRs critisised the lack of branding on the chair, the papers respected the brand plug anyway, with many picture credits hailing ‘Pimm’s O’ Clock!’

So, anyone for Pimm’s?


About Shelley Makes

Hello! Welcome to Shelley Makes, the craft blog from a 26 year old Canon-wielding closet crafter. Highly Commended in the Arts & Culture category of the UK Blog Awards 2016.
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