ASDA Smart Price Valentine’s Day Stunt

Every now and then an amazing PR story comes along that you can’t help but respect. This week’s PR stunt, which I adore, comes from ASDA, as they look to promote their Smart Price range in the romantic, if recession-hit, month of February.

To mark Valentine’s Day, ASDA has created an ASDA Smart Price Valentine’s day card. The ‘romantic’ card, reading ‘Be My Valentine’, features a large heart-shaped ASDA Smart Price logo on the cover. Retailing at just 7p, the message inside reads, “My love for you is priceless”.

‘Aimed’ at those who ‘don’t take Valentine’s Day too seriously’, the card became an instant internet sensation (starting on Hot UK Deals), as the public discussed the prospect of receiving such an inexpensive romantic gesture, with hilarious results.

As the papers joined the fray, headlines such as “Is this the worst Valentine’s Day card ever?” hit, with forum-members joking that the card guaranteed a “quickie divorce”.

Despite the horror of some, the majority of the public saw the funny side, sharing the story widely. Personally, I looked forward to receiving a card from all of my friends and family (no excuses), and thought I should like a card for every room in my house:

Though the ‘story’ focussed largely on people’s reactions to the card, the fact that the RRP and trademark green and white design was a central aspect to the story, ensured that the overall communication objective of the campaign was delivered – awareness of the inexpensive ASDA Smart Price range!

Priceless PR! I love it.


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