Should Brands Use Foursquare?

When news of geo-location tools first hit, brands could gain positive coverage for being the first to explore and utilise the channel for marketing purposes. It showed that their forward-thinking communications team was on the digital-ball and rolling, finding new ingenious ways to interact and engage with consumers to promote business.

Now that the first wave of interest had subsided however, there seems to be less certainty that it is a channel worth exploring. As Lifehacker suggest, it is possible that the tool is only really of use in big cities where inhabitants are generally more tech-savvy, where competition between similar chains is fiercer, and where the app is thus more widely used.

That said, Foursquare still certainly remains a tool that all brands should be aware of – to have their fingers on the buzzer as it were, ready to launch the next innovative campaign or swiftly follow the next digital development at the earliest opportunity.

I would certainly recommend that PRs sign up to Foursquare and begin using the tool. I am now proudly a Foursquare ‘newbie’, ready and waiting to gain my badges, explore the ‘realm’, and discover the next great thing – be it a local restaurant or bar, or a priceless insight into digital marketing practices.

If you have a smilar interest, please do join me: shelley_george

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3 Responses to Should Brands Use Foursquare?

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  2. Jeff Tincher says:

    I’ve been looking into using Foursquare with a few of my brands to promote the brand, the official site and also lead to potential sales from a 4SQ Campaign targetting a promotion for our followers.

    do you have the case studies posted on your blog? I couldn’t find them. thanks!! good articles btw

    • Hi Jeff, sorry I’ve not replied for an age – I’ve been on holiday! Unfortunately I’ve not had time to write up any case studies but I hope you can find what you want elsewhere on the web! If you find any good ones please do let me know!

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