Did someone say viral? #SkittlesTouch: Cat

Now that we’re all used to the idea of static YouTube virals, innovative brands like Tipp-Ex and Skittles have recently tried tactics a little different from the norm, involving viewers in the on-screen video action to increase consumer engagement.

Skittles have just launched a series of inventive ‘Skittles Touch’ YouTube videos which require viewers to place their thumb or finger over a select spot on their computer screen (thus ‘touching the rainbow’ – Skittle’s slogan). In each video the finger becomes somehow involved in the video action. I defy anyone not to laugh at this:

Only posted yesterday, the video already has 284,322 views, setting it up for the halls of viral stardom. Though other ‘touch’ videos have also been posted, this is the most popular so far. My second favourite is probably War Finger as I can’t help finding it amusing that someone somewhere has made my finger have a conversation with an imaginary/digital friend-finger.

Back in August 2010, Tipp-Ex also created a viral interactive YouTube video whereby the viewer became involved in deciding the fate of an on screen hunter and bear, beginning with the simple choice of ‘Shoot the Bear’ / ‘Don’t Shoot the Bear’. 

From this point, the viewer can then effectively write the story of the hunter and the bear by inputting verbs into the sentence ‘The hunter _____ the bear’. Though not every word will have a response, a number of popular verbs have been captured in a filmed response and will then play on command.

Using Tipp-Ex as an eraser, viewers can then re-write the sentence to explore a different outcome, and thus witness the practicality of the product. The video now has 15,904, 804 views and what Tipp-Ex call a 500% virality rate, plus it has also resulted in a 5% increase in sales. Not bad for a brand’s first ever YouTube video.

With slogans like ‘tippexperience’ and ‘Experience the Rainbow’, these brands are clearly leading the way in the growing trend for consumer engagement, proving that interaction with consumers is a critical factor in driving sales, talkability and brand loyalty.

Anyone fancy a Skittle?

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2 Responses to Did someone say viral? #SkittlesTouch: Cat

  1. Fannie says:

    Thanks for your article.
    I work for BUZZMAN (www.buzzman.fr), the Advertising agency that created this Tipp-ex viral campaign.
    We are back with a new Youtube experience for Bic Flex : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlCVE0OG-tI

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