Evian: Roller Baby Yourself

We all know that engaging people when it comes to brands is one of the first steps towards building brand loyalty – who doesn’t love to be involved? My latest favourite example of such a tactic is Evian’s ‘Roller Baby Yourself’ Facebook application, launched on 4th January.

Following on from their successful social media campaign last year where the video of digitally-animated babies ‘roller-skating’ to music became a YouTube hit (with over 45 million views), and then an ad, Evian has now launched the priceless ‘Roller Baby Yourself’ application which is set to roam across social networking sites near you.

In the style of the massively popular ‘Elf Yourself’ app where you can upload the faces of your friends and family onto hyperactively dancing elves, ‘Roller Baby Yourself’ allows you to upload photos into three head ‘slots’ so that they replace those of the babies on the ad. All you have to do is ‘Like’ the group (thus sharing the brand with your followers), allow the app to access your pictures, and off you go!

The process really is effortless; the application allows you to use either a webcam to add pictures, upload photos from your computer, or use pictures on Facebook. Once you’ve found the photo you want, you can move it about and tilt it until it fits onto your baby’s body seamlessly (or close enough!), before creating your video. Here’s a snapshot of mine in action:

After creating your video (which is inevitably rather amusing), you are encouraged to share it via email, on Facebook and on Twitter to your friends and family, hence spreading the Evian word – ‘live young’. Not only this, but the campaign is also supported by accompanying marketing materials that aptly promote the brand’s ‘live young’ ethos, whilst also raising a smile:

With sponsored video ads playing at train and tube stations across the UK also promoting the video and Facebook group (which has already attracted over 150,000 fans), it looks like much of the nation are set to be transformed into memorable all-singing all-skating baby versions of themselves this year, courtesy of Evian.

You can view my video and make your own here: http://t.co/OshjpyX


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4 Responses to Evian: Roller Baby Yourself

  1. Kathy says:

    I can’t access the link. What’s up wth that?

  2. Isaac says:

    I did it and I was literally Rolling on floor laughing !!!!!!¡

  3. amy lamont says:

    i love this its so epic 😀

  4. bon says:

    damn you it even on here !!!!!

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