Getting into PR – Work Experience

With the end of uni approaching for another class of students, it is inevitable that a mass of soon-to-be graduates are fretfully considering their next moves. Some will know exactly what they want to do, whilst the majority will be as unsure of anything as the day they were born.

Likewise, this time last year, I was in that boat. With so much choice (and yet seemingly so little opportunity), how do you go about getting a job? For starters, my advice would be to go and get some work experience. Not only does this unlock doors by allowing you to develop valuable contacts, it is also exactly the thing required to learn if a job in your sector of choice is really for you.

Before I graduated, I took comfort from the front cover of a Prospects careers magazine on ‘Work Experience’, which had on it an underwear-clad boy and girl student that you could ‘dress’ in cut-out tabbed uniforms.

The cover reminded me that, though the prospect of entering an alien professional workplace can be daunting and put you off trying, if the experience is viewed as an opportunity to try the career on for size (as this cover suggests), then you will undoubtedly gain something from it, irrespective of whether you decide it’s for you or not.

Besides, work experience and networking are proven to help students’ chances of gaining a foot in the door (or on the ladder – whichever you’d prefer). It’s how I got my job, and it’s how most people I know have moved or gained jobs too.

Don’t worry, you will not be expected to know the ins and outs of your sector (though a little desk research would help to impress!). The experience is an opportunity for you to listen, learn, contribute and ask questions, and at the end of the day it will all make your CV look sexy.

So, my advice to you is – put your fears aside, and try that career on for size! Good luck grads!

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