Royal British Legion Revival – Poppy Appeal 2010

Despite being a well-known charity with a well-respected two-minute silence every November, I was pleased to see the Royal British Legion revive their Poppy Appeal this year with a few new tricks to effectively extend their reach to a younger, more socially active audience.

Along with collaboration with popular girl-band The Saturdays, who this year launched the campaign with a one-off concert for troops and family and friends of soldiers serving in Afghanistan, this year the Royal British Legion have additionally sought to actively create influence over online communities.

Using a Twitter profile (@PoppyLegion), ‘Poppy’ encourages users to retweet a news update explaining how to support the cause with a customised avatar on Twitter.

Using, Twitter and Facebook users can customise their profile pictures to incorporate the famous poppy symbol on their avatars, effectively pinning a badge to their online identities, as well as their clothes. The results, as I explored, are as follows:



After a few simple clicks, I was able to attach the poppy badge to my profile picture on Facebook and Twitter. Though no proceeds go to charity with the pinning of this badge, the tool nevertheless helps drive awareness.

Considering the short amount of time that it took, I would urge everyone to pin a poppy to their Facebook or Twitter lapel this year to help raise awareness of this deserving cause! Wear your poppy with pride, both online and offline! 

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One Response to Royal British Legion Revival – Poppy Appeal 2010

  1. leo says:

    can’t find facebook poppy link. are the above screen shots both from twitter? thanks

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