AVIVA Campaign – Life Affirming Life Insurance

A month ago I had no idea what Aviva was or what they did – they were just a name I had vaguely heard of, with a very small voice. But, Aviva’s latest global campaign is definitely screaming to be heard, and I for one have finally listened.

My relationship with Aviva began when, one day, upon entering Euston Station, I observed that the walls had turned a vibrant yellow. Strange, I thought – someone must be advertising something. Then on Day two, as I wandered down the South Bank, I stumbled across strange yellow cubes sporting unfamiliar smiling faces. It’s official, I thought, something is definitely going on…

But it was on Day three that I finally found out the hidden glories of this campaign. Following a link that was sent to me, I found the yellow online hub of youarethebiggerpicture.com, Aviva’s supporting microsite, and all the yellow cubey smileyness became clear!

On the homepage I was greeted with an image of London showing yellow photo boards on the sides of buildings and monuments around the city (that explains the yellow photo boards, I thought). I was invited to upload my photo to the site, which I was told would result in a £1 donation to charity. May as well, I thought.

I also learnt that, if I donated my photo, there was a chance that it could be picked to be projected onto the side of a building in London or elsewhere in the world for all to see! Pretty cool – continue.

After uploading my photo, and tweaking the size settings etc. (easy peasy), I submitted my picture. Expecting my job to be done, I was then surprised to receive a little extra with the generic ‘thank you’ message.

Clicking on the link, I was completely flabbergasted to see myself (my uploaded photo) starring in the Aviva television advert (also seen subliminally earlier in the week). In the advert, a giant picture portrait is constructed on the side of a building, and in this film, it is my picture that they are constructing and showcasing to London. Somehow, despite being ‘pretend’, it made me feel a little famous.

With handily placed ‘Share’, ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ links on standby, I then shared this spectacular film with all of my friends and family, inadvertently promoting Aviva to anyone who would listen! But that was not all. A few weeks later, I received another email from Aviva informing me that my photo had been selected to be projected onto the National Theatre in London.

I was invited to attend the live screening, or alternatively, I was given the option to watch it live via webcam! As it happened, I was not available for either, so I was even more surprised when I was then able to rewind the webcam to find my live ‘moment’, as captured below:

Words cannot really explain my awe of this campaign, nor praise it enough. It is certainly the most exciting, extensive and involving campaign that I have witnessed this year. It is safe to say that my love affair with Aviva (as a brand I grant you, rather than a service) has begun.

A wise bird once told me that, for a campaign to be successful, digital, real world and print aspects must combine to create ‘integrated marketing’ – a campaign that works across all platforms to gain the most exposure and allow the most interaction. Aviva certainly does this. For more information on Aviva and the services they offer, visit www.aviva.com.

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