Tetley “Makeover”

Last week, you may recall, I rejoiced at the news that the original Tetley Tea folk were rejoining our screens after a nine year break. Earlier this week however, Tetley revealed that the original crew, prior to their television debut, had received a ‘modern makeover’.

Instead of the reliable characters of old, staring at me from the paper were strange ‘modern’ revamps – still clearly the originals, but as though they’d got amnesia, forgotten their former identity, and reinvented themselves as something entirely different.

The new crew consists of businessman Gaffer – who, in my mind, no longer has the time in his busy work schedule for a warming cup of tea, WAG Tina – who no doubt puts her nails, hair and heels before her tea-drinking needs, and dippy Dappy, who probably doesn’t even know what tea is.

I must say, it’s not working for me Tetley. Though I appreciate how the media hype has certainly raised brand awareness and generated consumer engagement, I hope that you listen to your loyal customers when they say that they don’t like the modern recreations.

I want Tetley to makes things ‘better’, not Tetley that conjures up all of modern society’s flaws, obsessions and failings. Fingers crossed the new looks are just a little phase the characters are going through, and that they’ll return to their comfortable ways again soon.

I hope, and half suspect, that this “makeover” was designed to get just this effect. The backlash certainly reveals some interesting attitudes from modern consumers about modern society, namely that modern life and modern role-models do not offer, and can not be associated with, respite from worries, cares and woes.

If this is the case – well played Tetley. If not – poor show.

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One Response to Tetley “Makeover”

  1. timhoang says:

    Surely a PR stunt along the Bring Back Wispa campaign? I wouldn’t be surprised to see a mysteriously official looking page campaigning for the original tetley folk back shortly. No marketing / design / creative could come up with so useless characters that are so juxtaposed to the notion of a cuppa tea.

    Great blog, keep up the good work

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