The World Cup Brand-Wagon

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup launching last Friday, a staggering number of brands ranging from clothing manufacturers (Nike) to food goods (Pringle/Pringoooals) are striving to associate themselves with the sport and occasion. Utilising all marketing channels including TV ads, packaging design and social media, the brands are battling it out for Best World Cup Buzz. So, let’s take a look at some of the contenders:

Unilever has launched a patriotic and humorous global outdoor advertising campaign for its Lynx and Axe deodorant brands. As seen below, “the posters capture an infamous celebration known throughout the football community, one that crosses cultures and can be understood whatever the language.”

Unilever adds, “Hopefully, if guys use Axe or Lynx during the tournament, it will be the girls that will be celebrating.” Well, Amen to that, Unilever.

With their appropriate slogan and patriotic TV ad, Nestlé’s Kit Kat have left their recent Greenpeace clash behind them by launching their ‘Cross your Fingers’ campaign.

I may not be an avid football lover myself but I can see the romance behind this concept, and if I were an impressionable and excited football fan, then I’m sure I’d cross my fingers whilst clutching my Kit-Kat like the next fan.

Utilising a different method of association, Mars have redesigned their packaging for the first time in 78 years to show their support for England. The new packaging, which features the St George Cross and ‘three lions’ crest, works a treat in terms of point-of-sale.

Similarly, Tic Tac have launched a limited edition cherry (red) and orange (white) tic tac pack, with England themed colours and stripes. They’ve also created a social media site, Shake Some Noise (leading on from the renowned ‘Did she just shake her tic tacs at me?’ ad), teaming up with the England Supporters Band to find England’s biggest fans.

Nike appears to be leading the race for online buzz presently however. A recent study by Nielson found that Nike’s three minute TV ad “Write the Future” (also a sponsored ad on Facebook) featuring Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo has achieved better “online buzz” than the official World Cup sponsors Adidas, Coca-Cola, Sony and Visa. This result is based on an analysis of blogs, message boards and social networking websites.

It seems then that sponsorship alone is not enough to generate brand recognition and buzz; as state, ‘the official partnership doesn’t guarentee traction online.’ Therefore, as the competition heats up between England and their competitors, the battle is also raging between the brands, but who will win?

The findings so far suggest that brands have to be quick off the mark, engaging, and innovative if they are going to succeed. I may not follow the football religiously, but the brand battle is quite riveting. Come on England!

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